Top Down Raglan Beginner Courses

I offer various raglan top courses for beginners on Facebook. These knitting courses take place permanently in the respective Facebook groups and are personally supervised and accompanied by me. In a casual and pleasant climate you will learn together with others how to modern and stylish top down raglan exactly knits. My courses are without any time pressure. You can get in at any time and you can take as much time as you want. In written instructions, as well as many pictures and videos, everything is explained step by step and if you have any questions, I am at your side with many other course participants with advice and action.

Top Down Raglan Beginners Course

The top down raglan course for beginners is aimed at anyone who needs support with their first jumper. There are several models to choose from, which you can knit with your own yarn and needle size in an individual size. Short-sleeved sweaters and shirts for the summer, as well as long-sleeved sweaters can be learned in the course. No matter whether it is adapted to the body for yourself, or for your children, babies or as a men's model. There is a pleasant environment in the course group and everyone has the time needed to knit the first sweater step by step from top to bottom with the perfect fit without any time pressure. An important part of my course: The ideal fit! This teaches you right from the start how to correctly work a round neckline a little lower at the front and higher at the back of the neck and thus a more modern knitting technique is learned in simple steps, which can be equated with purchased sweaters in terms of fit. This is in contrast to the rectangle method, which is completely outdated from grandma's times, and unfortunately the good fit of the pullover suffers considerably as a result. The top down raglan course for beginners is only possible in connection with the Raglan-Calculator.

Round Yoke Beginners Course

In addition to the world's first Round Yoke Calculator, there is also the opportunity to attend a course for beginners, where you can learn how to knit a round yoke from top to bottom in one piece on a basic model. Here, too, every participant can knit a sweater or a pretty short-sleeved shirt in any size and without any time pressure. Either for yourself, or for children or men adapted to the body with an ideal fit. Here with the round yoke there is also the possibility to work the back higher in the neck with short rows, which fits particularly well. Because, as in all my courses, a knitting technique is learned from the beginning that makes it possible to learn how to knit sweaters with a perfect fit. So if you prefer shirts and jumpers with patterns, you can let off steam with the round yoke knitting technique, and even Fair Isle patterns are no problem. The round yoke course is only possible in connection with the Round Yoke Calculator.

Simple Cardigan

In this course you will learn how to knit a cardigan with a round neckline and a button placket using a basic model. You can knit for yourself to fit your body or in any other size, whether for babies/children or even a men's cardigan. As in all the courses I offer, the yarn and needle size is completely individual and without specifications. Of course, everyone can customize the basic model with a pretty pattern or with stripes - no problem. Without time pressure and in a pleasant atmosphere, this course group is also personally supervised by me and many other participants often inspire each other with new ideas in design. This course is only possible in connection with the Raglan-Calculator.

Sweater With Shortened Rows

If you like to use Bobbel gradient yarns or would like to learn how to knit perfectly fitting sweaters and shirts like from the department store, but prefer to start with the cuffs right away, this is the right course for you. From top to bottom completely in one piece, turtleneck sweaters are also easily possible here. As always, the clothing size, as well as the thread and needle size is individual, since there are no specifications or limits in my courses. Whether for yourself or for a gentleman or his children - every size is possible and can be determined by everyone. In individual sections, everything is shown and explained by me in detail and everyone can take as much time as is needed to learn this technique from the comfort of their own home.

Different Necklines

If you already have experience with the top down raglan technique, but want to fall back on a variety of design options for shirts and sweaters, you are welcome to attend my course. Here it is shown without time pressure how to design different sections. Whether V-neckline, Carmen neckline or deep round necklines. I also show corner necklines or slit necklines, which is particularly advantageous for babies or a nice change and alternative for adults, e.g. in the back or on the front represents. Each participant can gradually learn the different cuts and thus no other instructions are necessary again to let off steam creatively with the most diverse tops. As in all my courses, the choice of yarn and needle size can of course be freely determined by everyone. The Raglan-Calculator is a great advantage here, otherwise you have to calculate the required number of stitches yourself.
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Note: All my patterns and courses are written in german language.